Confidence-Building Measure A - Part 2

Form Declaration

A, part 2 (i): Nothing new to declare, year of last declaration is 2011

Form A, part 2 (i)

Are there any national programmes to conduct biological defence research and development within the territory of the State Party, under its jurisdiction or control anywhere? Activities of such programmes would include prophylaxis, studies on pathogenicity and virulence, diagnostic techniques, aerobiology, detection, treatment, toxinology, physical protection, decontamination and other related research.

Form A, part 2 (ii)

National biological defence research and development programmes

The objective of the Canadian Biological Defence Program at Defence R&D Canada is to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces are provided with an adequate defence against biological warfare agents. No offensive studies of any kind are permitted by the Government of Canada. The Program is primarily funded by the Canadian Department of National Defence on behalf of the Government. The principal research and development areas are the following:

The CSSP is led by the Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science (CSS) on behalf of the Government of Canada and its partners across all levels of government, response and emergency management organizations, non-governmental agencies, industry and academia.

Form A, part 2 (iii)

Facilities (biological defence research and development programmes)

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