Confidence-Building Measure A - Part 2

Form A, part 2 (i)

Are there any national programmes to conduct biological defence research and development within the territory of the State Party, under its jurisdiction or control anywhere? Activities of such programmes would include prophylaxis, studies on pathogenicity and virulence, diagnostic techniques, aerobiology, detection, treatment, toxinology, physical protection, decontamination and other related research.

Form A, part 2 (ii)

National biological defence research and development programmes

The biological defence research and development activities of the Federal Ministry of Health are exclusively conducted at the Centre for Biological Threats and Special Pathogens (Zentrum für Biologische Gefahren und Spezielle Pathogene, ZBS) of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The R&D activities of the national program include: prophylaxis, diagnostic techniques, sampling and detection techniques, toxinology, decontamination, and physical protection. Summaries and objectives of all research and development projects in the field of CBRN Defence (incl. Medical Defence) are accessible online: (in German).

Form A, part 2 (iii)

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