Confidence-Building Measure E

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E: Nothing new to declare, year of last declaration is 2017

Declaration of legislation, regulations and other measures

Relating toLegislationRegulationsOther measures12Amended since last year
(a) Development, production stockpiling, acquisition or retention of microbial or other biological agents, or toxins, weapons, equipment and means of delivery specified in Article Iyesyesnono
(b) Exports of micro-organisms13 and toxinsyesyesnono
(c) Imports of micro-organisms13 and toxinsyesyesnono
(d) Biosafety14 and biosecurity15yesyesnono
Additional information to Form E

Hungary signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in 1972 and ratified it in 1975. Detailed regulation of the implementation, however, followed much later when Government Decree 21/2013 (I. 30.) was issued in January 2013.
The Decree formalized the hitherto implementation mechanism, which was based on a general understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various actors of the administrative system and subsequently their role in the implementation of the obligations undertaken in the BTWC. Throughout the period from 1975 to 2010 the implementation of the BTWC was on the agenda of various inter-departmental committees. Hungary's biological and chemical industry is relatively small and those involved in research, production and licensing form a small community. Members of these various committees, whose portfolio included the BTWC among other similar or related issues were in contact with other stakeholders daily.
Until January 2013 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for the collection of data and submission of the CBM reports. The GD 21/201.3 (I. 30.), however, assigns this responsibility to the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (GO). The GO is in charge of authoritative-administrative tasks in the field of (a) state administration of foreign tn1de, (b) surveillance of production and service in the armament industry, (e) certain tasks in trade, (d) market surveillance, (e) surveillance of public warehouses, (f) assaying and hallmarking of precious metal and {g) metrology. The Department of Trade, Defence Industry, Export Control and Precious Metal Assay of the GO became also the national authority for the implementation of the Common Commercial Policy of the EU as well as the National Authority for the implementation of the CWC.
Based on national and EU laws, the Department licenses and controls the foreign trade of military and dual-use products (including human, animal and plant pathogens and toxins, as well as dual-use chemical and biological equipment) and licenses the production of military products and related services following the Hungarian and EU foreign and security policy. The Department keeps an up-to-date list and data on the activities of all stakeholders relevant to the implementation of the BTWC.


(12) Including guidelines.

(13) Micro-organisms pathogenic to man, animals and plants in accordance with the Convention.

(14) In accordance with the latest version of the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual or equivalent national or international guidance.

(15) In accordance with the latest version of the WHO Laboratory Biosecurity Guidance or equivalent national or international guidance.

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