Seqirus Vaccines Limited

2. Location (mailing address)
Gaskill Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9GR
3. General description of the types of diseases covered

During 2021 Influenza vaccines and the adjuvant MF59 were manufactured at this facility: four distinct products for the market, Agrippal®, Fluad®, Fluad QIV®, (seasonal influenza strain presentations, the latter two formulated with MF59 adjuvant) and Aflunov (pre-pandemic strain presentation).

Cultivation of egg adapted influenza viruses. Four strains are incorporated within the vaccine (Quadrivalent), trade name Fluad QIV®. Three strains are incorporated within the vaccine (Trivalent), trade name Agrippal® or Fluad® for the Northern Hemisphere and Fluad QIC ® for the Southern Hemispehere.

Seasonal strains are produced from egg adapted influenza viruses produced by classical reassortant techniques or using wild-type strains. Seasonal strains are handled at biosafety containement level 2. Production of pandemic and pre-pandemic vaccine requires the use of genetically attenuated influenza strains. These are manufactured under a “GM consent” licence from the UK Competent Authority. These are contained under Biosafety level 2 + (enhanced).

The manufacturing facilities in Liverpool produce egg-based bulk influenza drug substance. These are formulated into a final bulk vaccine within the same premises. Fill and Finish is completed at the Liverpool Site and also at CMO facilities around the world.