Activities of the Federal Ministry of Defence

1. State the objectives and funding of each programme and summarize the principal research and development activities conducted in the programme. Areas to be addressed shall include: prophylaxis, studies on pathogenicity and virulence, diagnostic techniques, aerobiology, detection, treatment, toxinology, physical protection, decontamination and other related research.

The R&D activities of the national program include: prophylaxis, diagnostic techniques, sampling and detection techniques, toxinology, decontamination, and physical protection. Summaries and objectives of all research and development projects in the field of CBRN Defence (incl. CBRN Medical Defence) are accessible online: (in German).

3. Are aspects of these programmes conducted under contract with industry, academic institutions, or in other non-defence facilities?
4. If yes, what proportion of the total funds for each programme is expended in these contracted or other facilities?

Approx. 2.25 %

5. Summarize the objectives and research areas of each programme performed by contractors and in other facilities with the funds identified under paragraph 4.

The objective of the contracted activities is to provide pertinent expertise and hardware to the Federal Ministry of Defence for the improvement of B-defence capabilities. The research areas are the same as mentioned above under #1.

6. Provide a diagram of the organizational structure of each programme and the reporting relationships (include individual facilities participating in the programme).
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7. Provide a declaration in accordance with Form A, part 2 (iii) for each facility, both governmental and non-governmental, which has a substantial proportion of its resources devoted to each national biological defence research and development programme, within the territory of the reporting State, or under its jurisdiction or control anywhere.

4 Forms A, part 2 (iii) are attached.