Activities of the Federal Ministry of the Interior

1. State the objectives and funding of each programme and summarize the principal research and development activities conducted in the programme. Areas to be addressed shall include: prophylaxis, studies on pathogenicity and virulence, diagnostic techniques, aerobiology, detection, treatment, toxinology, physical protection, decontamination and other related research.

In 2018 the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Bundesamt für Bevölker-ungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe) has funded the following two research projects:
•    Project GranPSA: The objective of this project is to conduct efficacy testing of disinfectants on surfaces of personal protection equipment (PPE) in order to develop decontamination procedures to minimize risks of first responders in case of a biological incident. All investigations are carried out at the Robert Koch Institute, RKI.
•    Project NaLaDiba: The objective of this project is to improve diagnostic capabilities and skills of a laboratory network in Germany to detect high-risk pathogens that could be used for bioterrorist attacks. The evaluation of real time PCR assays by a round robin test was conducted. All investigations were carried out at the Robert Koch Institute.
The over-all objective of the Civil Protection Research projects supported and funded by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance is to improve preparedness and response to biological threats in order to enhance the protection of the first responders and the population.

3. Are aspects of these programmes conducted under contract with industry, academic institutions, or in other non-defence facilities?
4. If yes, what proportion of the total funds for each programme is expended in these contracted or other facilities?

Approx. 100 %

5. Summarize the objectives and research areas of each programme performed by contractors and in other facilities with the funds identified under paragraph 4.

Objectives and research areas are the same as described above under #1.

6. Provide a diagram of the organizational structure of each programme and the reporting relationships (include individual facilities participating in the programme).

The projects GranPSA and NaLaDiBA were conducted by the Robert Koch Institute, Centre for Biological Threats and Special Pathogens (ZBS). For the organisational structure see report of the Robert Koch Institute.

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7. Provide a declaration in accordance with Form A, part 2 (iii) for each facility, both governmental and non-governmental, which has a substantial proportion of its resources devoted to each national biological defence research and development programme, within the territory of the reporting State, or under its jurisdiction or control anywhere.

See Form A, part 2 (iii) submitted by the Robert Koch Institute.