Seqirus Vaccines Limited

2. Emplacement (adresse postale)
Gaskill Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9GR
3. Description générale des types de maladie visés

During 2018, only Influenza vaccines were manufactured at this facility: two distinct products for the market, Agrippal® and Fluad®, (seasonal influenza strain presentations). The Fluvirin ® product is no longer manufactured.

Northern & Southern Hemisphere Influenza vaccine: Cultivation of egg adapted influenza virus. Three strains incorporated within the vaccine (Trivalent), trade name Agrippal® or Fluad®.

Cultivation in eggs of attenuated influenza strains produced by ‘Reverse Genetics’ and classical reassortant techniques. For seasonal strains, the work was undertaken at containment biosafety level 2.

Attenuated influenza virus strains in reverse genetic form are designated as GMOs and an appropriate manufacturing licence (GM consent) has been granted from the UK Competent Authority. IAPO (Importation of Animal Pathogens Order 1980) does not apply to these strains due to attenuation at the genetic level.

Note: The manufacturing facility in Liverpool manufactures the bulk influenza vaccine in site 4 with eggs supplied from site 6. The formulation of the final bulk vaccine is also now carried out in site 4. The fill finish operations to manufacture individual influenza vaccine doses occur at two contractor facilities, one based in Belgium and the other based in Spain.