Plant diseases and pests

1. Moment où l’on a eu connaissance de l’épidémie

2. Lieu d’apparition et zone approximative touchée

Zone approximative touchée
3. Type de maladie/d’intoxication
4. Source soupçonnée de la maladie/de 1’intoxication
5. Agent(s) étiologique(s) possible(s)
6. Principaux caractères des symptômes

7. Symptômes détaillés, si observés

8. Écart(s) par rapport à la norme en ce qui concerne

9. Nombre approximatif de cas initiaux
10. Nombre approximatif de cas totaux
11. Nombre de décès
12. Évolution de l’épidémie
13. Mesures prises

The Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (FPPS) is responsible for any kind of phytosanitary measures in order to prevent the introduction and spread of particularly harmful pests and diseases that affect plants and plant products. The FPPS is run jointly by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The FOAG is responsible for the sector of agricultural and horticultural crops, whereas the FOEN is responsible for forest plants, wood and wood products, including invasive plants. According to the Federal Law on Agriculture (RS 910.1 Loi fédérale du 29 avril 1998 sur l’agriculture) and the corresponding ordinance (RS 916.20 Ordonnance du 31 octobre 2018 sur la protection des végétaux), notifiable plant diseases and pests are reported to either the FOAG or the FOEN that transmit reports to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO). Reporting of invasive plants to the FOEN, which then communicates with the EPPO, is primarily regulated in the Ordinance on the Release of Organisms into the Environment (RS 814.911 Ordonnance du 10 septembre 2008 sur l’utilisation d’organismes dans l’environnement).

Information on outbreaks of infectious diseases and similar occurrences that seem to deviate from the normal pattern in terms of plant diseases and pests that occurred during the reporting period is provided in the form of short descriptions of notifications made by the National Plant Protection Organisation of Switzerland to the EU Commission by means of the EUROPHYT-Outbreak system as follows:




Title: First Presence (confirmed) of Neoleucinodes elegantalis in SWITZERLAND (Canton of Bern)
Description: A single individual of Neoleucinodes elegantalis (adult insect) was found in a private household.
Pest: Neoleucinodes elegantalis
Infested Plant/Material: Single adult insect found in a private household
EPPO Reporting:


Title: First Presence (confirmed) of Lixus juncii in SWITZERLAND (Vaud)
Description: Lixus juncii was first found in a sugarbeet field in one location in September 2019. Its presence has been confirmed in the same area in 2020, as well as in two additional places neighboring the first one.
Lixus juncii


Title: Update no 4. First Presence (confirmed) of Popillia japonica in SWITZERLAND (Stabio)
Description: In July 2020, for the first time, adults of P. japonica were found in high numbers in two different vineyards (Vitis vinifera) directly on plants (as well as in traps) in the municipality of Genestrerio-Mendrisio (Canton of Ticino).
Pest: Popillia japonica
Infested Plant/Material: Vitis vinifera
EPPO Reporting:


Title: Closing_Update no 3. First Finding (confirmed) of Anoplophora glabripennis in SWITZERLAND (Winterthur)
Description: ALB is erradicated in CH since 2019
Pest: Anoplophora glabripennis


Title: First Presence (confirmed) of Rhizoecus hibisci in SWITZERLAND (Nordwestschweiz)
Description: Message from a EU-member state, that about 50 Callistemon plants (probably infested with Rhizoecus hibisci) were imported to Switzerland in March 2021.
Pest: Rhizoecus hibisci
Infested Plant/Material: Callistemon plants
EPPO Reporting:


Title: Presence (confirmed) of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae in SWITZERLAND (Thurgau)
Description: Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae was found on Actinidia plants in a nursery in Western Switzerland. The concerned production site has been placed under quarantine.
Pest: Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiae
Infested Plant/Material: Actinidia plants


Title: Presence (confirmed) of Popillia japonica in SWITZERLAND (Basel-Stadt)
Description: One adult specimen (male) was caught in a pheromone trap in the north of Switzerland. It is assumed that it was transported there as a hitch-hiker. Additional traps were set up and visual inspections are being carried out.
Pest: Popillia japonica
Infested Plant/Material: Caught in a bait trap


Title: First Presence (confirmed) of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus in SWITZERLAND (Ostschweiz)
Description: For the first time ToBRFV has been found in Switzerland at an indoor production site of tomato fruits.
Pest: ToBRFV
Infested Plant/Material: Tomato fruits
EPPO Reporting:


Title: First Presence (confirmed) of Eotetranychus lewisi in SWITZERLAND (Zürich)
Description: An outbreak of Eotetranychus lewisi was found in a greenhouse of a producer of Euphorbia pulcherrima plants.
Eotetranychus lewisi
Infested Plant/Material: Euphorbia pulcherrima
EPPO Reporting:


Title: Presence (confirmed) of Meloidogyne chitwoodi in SWITZERLAND (Bern)
Description: Meloidogyne chitwoodi was found in a field in Switzerland, eradication measures are taken
Pest: Meloidogyne chitwoodi
Infested Plant/Material: Field, soil


Title: Presence (confirmed) of Eotetranychus lewisi in SWITZERLAND (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera)
Description: An outbreak of Eotetranychus lewisi was found on Euphorbia pulcherrima plants imported from a Member State. The infested plants were destroyed by burning.
Pest: Eotetranychus lewisi
Infested Plant/Material: Euphorbia pulcherrima

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