High Containment Laboratory, Public Health Agency of Sweden (The Swedish BSL4 laboratory)

2. Курирующая государственная или частная организация или компания
Public Health Agency of Sweden
3. Местонахождение и почтовый адрес
Public Health Agency of Sweden, SE-17182 SOLNA, Sweden
4. Источник(и) финансирования объявляемой деятельности с указанием случаев, когда она полностью или частично финансируется министерством обороны

The activities are financed through the Swedish Government (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs), and through governmental agencies such as Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Swedish Research Council (VR) and partly by the EU (research funds and the Innovative Medicines Initiative and funding through Joint Actions within European Health Program).

5. Число максимально изолированных подразделений5 в рамках исследовательского центра и/или лаборатории с указанием их соответствующих размеров (м2)
BL 4 , 136.00 м2
Two separate BSL4 units enclosing three laboratories.
6. Объем и общее описание деятельности, включая, соответственно, вид(ы) микроорганизмов и/или токсинов

The Public Health Agency of Sweden is a national expert authority with overall responsibility for public health questions at a national level. Our mission is to promote health, prevent illness and contribute to a sustainable society. There are no projects conducted related to biological defence, more than a strive to a better biological understanding of biological agents (see publication list below). The agency develops and maintain national diagnostic preparedness for highly pathogenic agents. Research results are published in international journals.


Risk group 4 agents

In the BSL4 containment units diagnostics and research regarding viruses from the following families are performed: Arenaviridae, Coronaviridae, Filoviridae, Flaviviridae, Nairoviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Phenuiviridae and Poxviridae. Special emphasis is directed towards the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) and Ebola virus.


Methods for identification

Standard methods are used for identification of these microorganisms. Methods in use include molecular biological methods (including novel high throughput/high capacity methods), serological methods such as neutralization assays, cultivation/isolation and electron microscopy. Public Health Agency of Sweden also has capacity to culture virus in small rodents. The quality of diagnostic methods for many of the pathogens is assured through participation in quality assurance exercises and ring trials within international EC-funded networks.

The general goals are to improve laboratory diagnostics, laboratory capacity and basic knowledge of highly pathogenic agents. This includes the development of platforms for broad, efficient and reliable diagnostic methods, studies of virulence and pathogenesis and the establishment and use of animal models for use in diagnostics, treatment and vaccine development.


Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS): publications in 2021 related to high containment laboratory BSL3 and BSL4 activities at PHAS:

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(4) В отношении объектов, имеющих максимально изолированные подразделения, которые участвуют в осуществлении национальной программы исследований и разработок в области биологической защиты, просьба указать наименование объекта и сделать пометку "Объявлен в соответствии с формой А, часть 2 (iii)".

(5) В соответствии с самым последним изданием Практического руководства по биологической безопасности в лабораторных условиях ВОЗ или эквивалентными положениями.