This page lists those States Parties which have submitted Confidence-Building Measure reports in accordance with decisions of BWC Review Conferences. Where States Parties have consented to their CBMs being publicly available, these can be accessed by clicking the country name.

Overall rate of CBM Report submissions

Submissions made by States Parties by year

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Total: 96 States Parties
Albania (View ) Cuba (View ) Japan (View) Netherlands (View) Singapore (View )
Algeria (View ) Cyprus (View) Jordan (View ) New Zealand (View) Slovakia (View)
Argentina (View ) Czech Republic (View) Kazakhstan (View ) Nicaragua (View ) Slovenia (View)
Armenia (View ) Denmark (View) Kenya (View ) Niger (View ) South Africa (View )
Australia (View) Dominican Republic (View ) Kyrgyzstan (View ) Nigeria (View ) Spain (View )
Austria (View) Ecuador (View ) Latvia (View) Norway (View) Sri Lanka (View )
Belarus (View ) Estonia (View) Lebanon (View ) Oman (View ) State of Palestine (View )
Belgium (View ) Fiji (View ) Libya (View ) Pakistan (View ) Suriname (View )
Belgium (View) Finland (View) Liechtenstein (View ) Peru (View ) Sweden (View)
Bhutan (View ) France (View ) Lithuania (View) Poland (View ) Switzerland (View)
Botswana (View ) Gambia (View ) Luxembourg (View) Portugal (View) Tajikistan (View )
Brazil (View ) Georgia (View ) Madagascar (View ) Qatar (View ) Tajikistan (View )
Bulgaria (View) Germany (View) Malaysia (View ) Republic of Korea (View ) Thailand (View )
Cambodia (View ) Greece (View ) Maldives (View ) Republic of Moldova (View) Tunisia (View )
Canada (View) Guatemala (View ) Mali (View ) Romania (View) Türkiye (View )
Canada (View) Hungary (View) Malta (View ) Russian Federation (View ) United Arab Emirates (View )
Chile (View ) India (View ) Mauritius (View ) Saint Kitts and Nevis (View ) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (View)
China (View ) Iraq (View ) Mexico (View ) Saudi Arabia (View ) United States of America (View)
Colombia (View ) Ireland (View) Montenegro (View ) Saudi Arabia (View ) United States of America (View )
Côte d'Ivoire (View ) Italy (View ) Morocco (View ) Serbia (View) Uzbekistan (View )
Croatia (View)

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