National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute

2. Responsible public or private organization or company
Public, State Food and Veterinary Service
3. Location and postal address
10 J. Kairiukscio Str. LT-08409 Vilnius, Lithuania
4. Source(s) of financing of the reported activity, including indication if the activity is wholly or partly financed by the Ministry of Defence

State Food and Veterinary Service

5. Number of maximum containment units5 within the research centre and/or laboratory, with an indication of their respective size (SqM):
No containment units defined
6. Scope and general description of activities, including type(s) of micro-organisms and/or toxins as appropriate

Rabies, Highly pathogenic avian influenza, Newcastle disease, Leptospirosis, Anthrax, Foot and mouth disease, Swine vesicular disease, Bluetongue, African horse sickness, African swine fever, Classical swine fever (hog cholera), Avian Influenza, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Salmonellosis, Listeriosis, Vibriosis, Campylobacteriosis, Yersiniosis, Shigellosis, Toxoplasmosis, Trichinellosis, and other viral, parasitical and bacterial diseases of animals

(4) For facilities with maximum containment units participating in the national biological defence research and development programme, please fill in name of facility and mark "Declared in accordance with Form A, part 2 (iii)".

(5) In accordance with the latest edition of the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual, or equivalent.