Defence Research and Development Canada (DRCD) - Valcartier Research Centre

2. Where is it located (include both address and geographical location)?

Centre Director DRDC Valcartier Research Centre 2459 Bravery Road Québec, QC, G3J 1X5 CANADA

The facility is located in building 14 and a new aerosol chamber for Lidar measurements is located on the south side of research center.

3. Floor area of laboratory areas by containment level
BL 1 , 91.00 SqM
Total laboratory floor area (SqM)

4. The organizational structure of each facility

(viii) Briefly describe the publication policy of the facility

All staff are encouraged to publish the results of their research in open literature whenever not precluded by security, export control, or intellectual property considerations.  There is also an internal publication system which is used for publications regardless of content.

(ix) Provide a list of publicly-available papers and reports resulting from the work published during the previous 12 months. (To include authors, titles and full references)

Bader D, Garrecht B, Rowsell S.  Identification of biothreat agents in powders and other interferent matrices using the FilmArray® biosurveillance system.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-R177.


Bader D, Fisher G, and Rowsell S. Genetic confirmation of DRDC – Suffield Research Centre biological field simulants for the New Substances Notification Program, DRDC-RDDC-2018-R144.


Bader D, Garrecht B.  Detection of B. anthracis genetic markers in naturally occurring spore-positive soils using the FilmArray® biosurveillance system.  Tracking# R18-1210-01239_PA-EC


Buteau, S and Nadeau, D., Laboratory Benchtop Bioaerosol Chamber version 2 – Design, optimization, results (U), DRDC-RDDC-2018-R137, May 2018, PROTECTED A (EXPORT CONTROLLED)


Buteau, S. and Nadeau, D., Biological Threat Detection Identification and Monitoring (Bio DIM) suite deployment at Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) 2017 (U), DRDC-RDDC-2018- L161 to Defence Joint CBRN Directorate, July 2018, PROTECTED A (EXPORT CONTROLLED).


Buteau, S. and , Bouffard, F, Enhancing situational awareness by combining multiple point and standoff sensor technologies (U), Proceeding for the NBC 2018 – 10th symposium on CBRNE threats, Rovaniemi, Finland, DRDC-RDDC-E18-0320-1001, 5 June 2018, 5 pages, UNCLASSIFIED.


Chan N, Lee W, Rowsell S.  Scientific review of work progress on pathogen detection DNA biosensor for water monitoring.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-L172.


Evans DH and Noyce R. University of Alberta.  Vaccinia vaccine review.  Contract Report, May 2018, DRDC-RDDC-2018-C069.


Forbes K.  Validation of CBRN Surveillance Information Requirements.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-C162.


Hayward S.  A novel diagnostic platform for project consideration.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-L171.


Hayward S.  Evaluation of solid phase media for sampling of biological material for downstream immune–based detection and identification.  R18-0919-00795.


Hu W, Steigerwald R, Kalla M, Volkmann A, Noll D.  Protective efficacy of monvalent and trivalent recombinant MVA-based vaccines against three encephalitic alphaviruses.  Vaccine June 2018.


Nagata L, Irwin CR, Hu W, Evans DH.  Vaccinia vaccines to biothreat and emerging viruses.  Biotech. Gen. Eng. Rev. Apr-18.


Sheibani S, Chan N.  Protein-nucleic acid (receptor-ligand) binding detection techniques.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-R027.


Stratilo C.  Proposed research in antibacterials for the Medical Countermeasures Project fiscal year (FY) 2019-2024.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-L182.


Stratilo C, Jager S, Swayze R.  Identification of a novel virulence factor of Burkholderia pseudomallei and B. mallei, a protective vaccine antigen against melioidosis. DRDC-RDDC-2018-R189.


Stratilo C, Gubala A, O’Connor K, Taylor J, Despeyroux D, Mitchell I, Yousef J, Ford B, Piggot T, Messer A.  Incremental approach to achieving an Operating Capability for an in-theatre High Confidence Biological Identification Capability  Tracking# E18-0918-00793.


Stratilo, C.W., Gubala, A., O’Connor, K., Taylor, J., Despeyroux, D., Evaluation of EDGE Platform by CBR Mou Inform Task 3. CBR MOU-IWG-3-2018-02. E18-0404-00022, 2018, 18 pages.


Wang M.  Cytokine storm mitigation.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-C131.


Wishart DS.  Evaluation of bioinformatics platforms.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-C110.


Wu J, Hu W, Nagata L, Rowsell S.  Proposed way ahead for novel medical countermeasure technology platforms against viral threats.  DRDC-RDDC-2018-L122.


Please note that the value listed under 4(iii) for Engineers refers to the number of Managers at the facility, not Engineers.

Additionally, the funding level estimate provided under 4(vii) for Research is the total funding level estimate (including salaries) for research, development and test and evaluation collectively.

5. Briefly describe the biological defence work carried out at the facility, including type(s) of micro-organisms(9) and/or toxins studied, as well as outdoor studies of biological aerosols.

The biological defence program at DRDC Valcartier is focused on the detection of biological agents and toxins using photonic detection methods. This involves R&D leading to the production of field portable biological agent detection systems.

(9) Including viruses and prions.