Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie (Institute of Medical Microbiology)

2. Ubicación (dirección y lugar geográfico)
Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Medizinische Fakultät, Universität Zürich, Gloriastrasse 28/30, CH-8006 Zürich, Switzerland

N 47° 22' 36.20", E 8° 33' 11.18"

3. Superficie de los laboratorios por nivel de contención
BL 3 , 20.00 m2
Superficie total de laboratorios (m(2))

4. Estructura orgánica de cada instalación

(viii) Describa brevemente la política de publicaciones de la instalación

Publication in peer-reviewed open access literature.

(ix) Enumere los trabajos e informes que se han hecho públicos resultantes de la labor desarrollada y publicados en los últimos doce meses (con indicación de autores, títulos y referencias completas)

High-throughput functional characterization of protein phosphorylation sites in yeast.
Viéitez C, Busby BP, Ochoa D, Mateus A, Memon D, Galardini M, Yildiz U, Trovato M, Jawed A, Geiger AG, Oborská-Oplová M, Potel CM, Vonesch SC, Szu Tu C, Shahraz M, Stein F, Steinmetz LM, Panse VG, Noh KM, Savitski MM, Typas A, Beltrao P (2021)
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Structural insights into the inhibition of glycine reuptake.
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Consensus management recommendations for non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary diseases.
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Lancet Infect Dis, accepted for publication

Puf6 primes 60S pre-ribosome nuclear export at low temperature.
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Quorum sensing controls persistence, resuscitation, and virulence of Legionella subpopulations in biofilms.
Personnic N , Striednig B, Hilbi H (2021)
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Invasive aspergillosis due to Aspergillus section Usti: a multicenter retrospective study.
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Quorum sensing governs a transmissive Legionella subpopulation at the pathogen vacuole periphery.
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EMBO Rep 22: e52972

Antibacterial activity of apramycin at acidic pH warrants wide therapeutic window in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections and acute pyelonephritis.
Becker K, Cao S, Nilsson A, Erlandsson M, Hotop SK, Kuka J, Hansen J, Haldimann K, Grinberga S, Berruga-Fernandéz T, Huseby DL, Shariatgorji R, Lindmark E, Pltazack B, Böttger EC, Crich D, Friberg LE, Vingsbo Lundberg C, Hughes D, Brönstrup M, Andrén PE, Liepinsh E, Hobbie SN (2021)
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Efficacy of EBL-1003 (apramycin) against Acinetobacter baumannii lung infections in mice.
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Zn2+ intoxication of Mycobacterium marinum during Dictyostelium discoideum infection is counteracted by induction of the pathogen Zn2+ exporter CtpC.
Hanna N, Koliwer-Brandl H, Lefrançois LH, Kalinina V, Cardenal-Muñoz E, Appiah J, Leuba F, Gueho A, Hilbi H, Soldati T, Barisch C (2021)
mBio 12: e01313-20

The polar Legionella Icm/Dot T4SS establishes distinct contact sites with the pathogen vacuole membrane.
Böck D, Hüsler D, Steiner B, Medeiros JM, Welin A, Radomska KA, Hardt WD, Pilhofer M, Hilbi H (2021)
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Model-informed drug development for antimicrobials: translational PK and PK/PD modeling to predict an efficacious human dose for apramycin.
Sou T, Hansen J, Liepinsh E, Backlund M, Ercan O, Grinberga S, Cao S, Giachou P, Petersson A, Tomczak M, Urbas M, Zabicka D, Vingsbo-Lundberg C, Hughes D, Hobbie SN, Friberg LE (2021)
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Silencing of the ER and integrative stress responses in the liver of mice with error-prone translation.
Moore J, Osinnii I, Grimm A, Oettinghaus B, Eckert A, Frank S, Böttger EC (2021)
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Temporal and regional incidence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales, Switzerland, 2013 to 2018
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Random errors in protein synthesis activate an age-dependent program of muscle atrophy in mice.
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ER-misfolded proteins become sequestered with mitochondria and impair mitochondrial function.
Cortés Sanchón A, Santhosh Kumar H, Mantovani M, Osinnii I, Mateos JM, Kaech A, Shcherbakov D, Akbergenov R, Böttger EC (2021)
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Mitochondrial mistranslation in brain provokes a metabolic response which mitigates the age-associated decline in mitochondrial gene expression.
Shcherbakov D, Juskeviciene R, Cortés Sanchón A, Brilkova M, Rehrauer H, Laczko E, Böttger EC (2021)
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Novel fidaxomicin antibiotics through site-selective catalysis.
Dailler D, Dorst A, Schäfle D, Sander P, Gademann K (2021)
Commun Chem 4: 59

Rapid Detection of PBP2a in Staphylococci from Shortly Incubated Subcultures of Positive Blood Cultures by an Immunochromatographic Assay.
Kolesnik-Goldmann N, Bodendoerfer E, Röthlin K, Herren S, Imkamp F, Marchesi M, Mancini S (2021)
Microbiol Spectr 9: e0046221

Phylogenomics of Mycobacterium africanum reveals a new lineage and a complex evolutionary history.
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Drug susceptibility distributions of Mycobacterium chimaera and other non-tuberculous mycobacteria.
Schulthess B, Schäfle D, Kälin N, Widmer T, Sander P (2021)
Antimicrob Agents Chemother 65: e02131-20

Rifabutin is inactivated by Mycobacterium abscessus Arr.
Schäfle D, Selchow P, Borer B, Meuli M, Rominski A, Schulthess B, Sander P (2021)
Antimicrob Agents Chemother 65: e02215-20

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of propylamycin derivatives functionalized at the 5"- and other positions with a view to overcoming resistance due to aminoglycoside modifying enzymes.
Lubriks D, Zogota, R, Sarpe V, Matsushita T, Sati G, Haldimann K, Gysin M, Böttger EC, Vasella A, Suna E, Hobbie SN, Crich D (2021)
ACS Infect Dis 7: 2413-2424

Mitochondrial misreading in skeletal muscle accelerates metabolic aging and confers lipid accumulation and increased inflammation.
Shcherbakov D, Duscha S, Juskeviciene R, Restelli LM, Frank S, Laczko E, Böttger EC (2021)
RNA 27: 265-272

Cutibacterium avidum resists surgical skin antisepsis in the groin-a potential risk factor for periprosthetic joint infection: a quality control study
Maurer SM, Kursawe L, Rahm S, Prinz J, Zinkernagel AS, Moter A, Kuster SP, Zbinden R, Zingg OP, Achermann Y (2021)
Antimicrob Resist Infect Control 10: 27

Trends of the Epidemiology of Candidemia in Switzerland: A 15-Year FUNGINOS Survey
Adam KM, Osthoff M, Lamoth F, Conen A, Erard V, Boggian K, Schreiber PW, Zimmerli S, Bochud PY, Neofytos D, Fleury M,Fankhauser H, Goldenberger D, Mühlethaler K, Riat A, Zbinden R, Kronenberg A, Quiblier C, Marchetti O, Khanna N, Fungal Infection Network of Switzerland (FUNGINOS) (2021)
Open Forum Infect Dis 8: fab471

Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoribosyltransferase promotes bacterial survival in macrophages by inducing histone hypermethylation in autophagy-regulated genes.
Sengupta S, Nayak B, Meuli M, Sander P, Mishra S, Sonawane A (2021)
Front Cell Infect Microbiol 11: 676456

Dictyostelium lacking the single atlastin homolog Sey1 shows aberrant ER architecture, proteolytic processes, and expansion of the Legionella-containing vacuole.
Hüsler D, Steiner B, Welin A, Striednig B, Swart AL, Molle V, Hilbi H, Letourneur F (2021)
Cell Microbiol 23: e13318

An advanced apralog with increased in-vitro and in-vivo activity toward Gram-negative pathogens and reduced ex-vivo cochleotoxicity.
Sonousi A, Quirke J, Waduge P, Janusic T, Gysin M, Haldimann K, Hobbie SN, Sha S, Schacht J, Chow Ch, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Xu S, Crich D (2021)(highlighted as "VIP Very Important Paper" by the editor)
ChemMedChem 16: 335-339

Influence of ring size in conformationally restricted ring I analogs of paromomycin on antiribosomal and antibacterial activity
Pirrone M, Hobbie SN, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D (2021)
RSC Med Chem: Online ahead of print

Mycobacterium helveticum sp. nov., a novel slowly growing mycobacterial species associated with granulomatous lesions in adult swine.
Ghielmetti G, Rosato G, Trovato A, Friedel U, Kirchgaessner C, Perroulaz C, Pendl W, Figi R, Schulthess B, Bloemberg GV, Keller PM, Stephan R, Tortoli E (2021)
Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 71: 004615

Synthesis, antibacterial action and ribosome inhibition of deoxyspectinomycins.
Dharuman S, Wilt LA, Liu J, Reeve SM, Thompson CW, Elmore JM, Shcherbakov D, Lee RB, Böttger EC, Lee RE (2021)
J Antibiot 74: 381-396

Mortality from drug-resistant tuberculosis in high-burden countries comparing routine drug susceptibility testing with whole-genome sequencing: a multicentre cohort study.
Züricher K, Reichmuth ML, Ballif M, Loiseau C, Borrell S, Reinhard M, Skrivankova V, Hömke R, Sander P, Avihingsanon A, Abimiku AG, Marcy O, Collantes J, Carter EJ, Wilkinson RJ, Cox H, Yotebieng M, Huebner R, Fenner L, Böttger EC, Gagneux S, Egger M, on behalf of IeDEA (2021)
Lancet Microbe 2: e320-330

Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of respiratory Gram-negative bacterial isolates from COVID-19 patients in Switzerland.
Gysin M, Acevedo CT, Haldimann K, Bodendoerfer E, Imkamp F, Bulut K, Buehler PK, Brugger SD, Becker K, Hobbie SN (2021)
Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob 20: 64

Disseminated Mycobacterium simiae and Mycobacterium avium infection causing an immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in a female patient with HIV.
Bachofner JA, Ikenberg K, Schulthess B, Nemeth J (2021)
BMJ Case Rep 14: e241037

A rare case of severe gastroenteritis caused by Aeromonas hydrophila after colectomy in a patient with anti-Hu syndrome: a case report
Greiner M, Anagnostopoulos A, Pohl D, Zbinden R, Zbinden A (2021)
Case Reports BMC Infect Dis 21: 1097

Open wounds and rifampicin therapy are associated with rifampicin resistance among staphylococcal vascular graft/endograft infections(2021)
Leung YKS, Ledergerber B, Eberhard N, Mestres CA, Rancic Z, Zimmermann A, Zbinden R, Brugger SD, Zinkernagel AS, Hasse B; Vascular Graft Cohort Study (2021)
JAC Antimicrob Resist 3: dlab041


Bacterial quorum sensing and phenotypic heterogeneity: how the collective shapes the individual.
Striednig B, Hilbi H (2021)
Trends Microbiol: Online ahead of print

Dictyostelium dynamin superfamily GTPases implicated in vesicle trafficking and host-pathogen interactions.
Katic A, Hüsler D, Letourneur F, Hilbi H (2021)
Front Cell Dev Biol: Online ahead of print


Rapid identification of CTX-M-type extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales from blood cultures using a multiplex lateral flow immunoassay
Walter A, Bodendoerfer E, Kolesnik-Goldmann N, Mancini S (2021)
J Glob Antimicrob Resist 26: 130-132

Genotypic and phenotypic analyses of aac(3) aminoglycoside-resistance gene diversity point to three distinct phenotypes of contemporary clinical relevance
Plattner M, Goyet C, Haldimann K, Gysin M, Juhas M, Becker K, Hobbie SN (2021)
J Glob Antimicrob Resist: Online ahead of print

Archivos adjuntos
5. Describa brevemente la labor desarrollada por la instalación en materia de defensa biológica, con indicación de los tipos de microorganismos(9) y/o toxinas estudiados, así como las investigaciones al aire libre sobre los aerosoles biológicos

The Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Zurich is the Regional Competence Center for the primary analysis of bacteriological samples suspicious of a bioterror-related background. This represents an additional and not a continuous task of the diagonstics laboratory proficient in bacteriology, mycology and serology. Research focusses on vaccine and antibiotic development, protein structure analysis, host-pathogen interaction (Legionella, Mycobacteria), antibiotic resistance mechanisms and general aspects of translation.

For further information please visit (website in french):

(9) Comprendidos virus y priones.